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Dear Church family,

Where Gods people meet:

We know from scripture that meeting all together is important to God and important for us as a church body. Where we meet has both spiritual and practical implications.

As an Eldership we are firmly in agreement that “It’s not about the building, it’s all about the ministry”. We want a church without walls (thank you Marcus for that word to us) that looks outward and sees the bigger picture.

We moved in to the former Bowness Methodist building 6 years ago with the intention of buying the building. The Methodist church then decided that they didn’t want to sell but to rent to us and that is what we have done since then. They now want to sell and we are fully convinced that the timing is right for us to buy.

The building is only a temporal tool for the eternal ministry that we undertake using it. This has grown significantly over the last 4 to 5 years. We have so many good things happening out of the church building that bless the body of Christ, as well as the local community, and the many thousands of visitors from all over the world that come through the glass doors. These include our Sunday morning services, Children’s Church, Youth Ministry, Tuesday Prayer Power hour, Tuesday Coffee and Prayer, Lifelines, Iron sharpens Iron, Unite, Her Story and the Lakes Gospel Choir rehearsal. As well as these there are many other ways the church is used to touch our community, including Christianity/Discipleship Explored, Personal Evangelism courses, Christians Against Poverty money courses, table tennis, social events, and Christmas fayre's.

When the Israelites were in the wilderness they stayed put in one place until the pillar of cloud moved. When it rested in a place they camped there. The Holy Spirit (the cloud) is firmly camped over the former Bowness Methodist Church building for us at this time. So we feel led to buy the building.

There are a number of practical matters that will need to be sorted to enable us to buy; these include looking closely at the structure, establishing the price to be paid, and of course all the legal work. We will also need to raise the finance.

Our firm belief as an Eldership is that we buy the building debt free and have the resource to develop it. These developments include; a lift between the floors, extending the ground floor in to the current flat, redesigning the kitchen, a more efficient (and quieter!) heating system and creating more seating using the redundant balcony. The purchase and this work will all take a significant amount of money. We serve a God of abundance and he will provide for all our needs, all we have is His.

With all the above in mind we are calling the church to pray and ask God what part we can play in releasing the finances necessary, please commit individually and as families to seek the Lord in this matter. Thank you to everyone who gave during our series of special offerings, we raised just under £40,000 and fully believe the Lord will release all we need. If you would like to give into the Building Fund account by standing order or a one-off payment, then please contact the Office for banking details. Please also put a note in the offering basket saying this is your intention.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the church office and one of the leadership team will get back to you. Thank you so much for your commitment to the Lord’s work here in South Lakes, we are so excited about this opportunity to see God work amongst us.

God bless,

Mike, Simon, Paul, Jonathan and Ian

August 2015