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John 20:19-20 is possibly one of the most amazing pieces of Scripture, it is a story that would change the lives of the disciples forever. And it's a story that has changed countless lives and is still changing lives today. 

It's Easter Sunday evening and the disciples were together in a room with the doors locked, out of fear. Jesus came and stood among them and said, 'Peace be with you.' After He had said this He showed them His hands and side, and the disciples were overjoyed to see their friend. 

Instead of confronting his friends and asking why they had deserted Him, He came among them and said, 'Peace be with you.' At that moment their guilt was forgiven, peace came upon them, and then unspeakable joy. 

Peter was changed from a coward who had denied Christ three times to a man of rock, who became a mighty pillar of the early church. Each of the disciples were transformed into mighty men of God. But what was it that motivated them to become one of the greatest missionary organisations ever? 

It wasn't for money or power or fame. No, each one of them had come from doubt to determination, from confusion to conviction, from fear to faith. 

See how they died to know that their faith was real, strong and powerful:

  • Matthew was killed in Ethiopia.
  • Peter, Simon, Andrew, Philip and Jude were crucified.
  • James was beheaded.
  • Bartholomew was flayed alive.
  • Thomas was killed with lances.
  • James the son of Alpheaus was stoned to death. 

John was the only one of the original disciples not to die a violent death. Instead he passed away peacefully in Patmos in his old age, sometime around 100 AD.

The only thing that could have changed their lives so dramatically was the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

And that is what happens to every man, woman and child when they meet the Resurrected Christ for that very first time and put their trust in Him. 

It might be through a preacher speaking in church, through the testimony of a friend, through someone you work with silently getting on with life (but you know there's something different about them). There can be many ways that we find Jesus and then continue to follow Him. 

But the main reason we can put our trust in Him, is that He went to the cross and died to take away each one of our sins, and that is the greatest thing that anyone could do for us. 

Guilt, fear, anger, shame, loneliness and death were left on the cross at that first Easter. Our lives have been changed by the One True Christ, who died to take away all our sin and rose again three days later. That is why we celebrate!

Hallelujah for changed lives, Hallelujah He is risen!

God bless you,


You are welcome to watch this Easter video about discovering Jesus for yourself.

Who Do You Say I am?

Monday 3rd of April 2017

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