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A Summer in Psalms

While the Book of Psalms may be the most popular book in the Bible, and is most often associated with worship or songs of praise, the Psalms actually give us a very practical picture of prayer.

Ambrose, a church leader from the 4th Century, referred to the Psalms as the “gymnasium of the soul.” In order that we grow deeper into prayer, both individually and as a church, we’re spending the summer exercising our faith as we pray through the Psalms. I encourage you to read through the entire Book of Psalms, using them as a model for prayer.

It’s my hope that this series will help contribute to a flood of fervent prayers and raise the prayer temperature around here. Jesus said in Matthew 21:13: “My house will be called a house of prayer.” I encourage you to join with us every other Tuesday night and every Tuesday morning as we gather together to pray. Let’s make LCC a house of prayer, and let’s commit to make our homes lighthouses of prayer.

I was asked once, which is most important -­ prayer or preaching? Should we be spending more time reading the Bible or praying? I love A.W. Tozer’s answer to this question: “Which is more important to a bird: the right wing or the left?” We’re called to six purposes as a church, and we must constantly strive to keep them in balance and perspective - ­ Instruction, Ministry, Prayer, Adoration, Caring, and Telling others about Jesus. Teaching is not more important than caring for one another. Prayer isn’t better than evangelism. Worship isn’t better than ministry. They’re all essential and important.

Let’s admit something. Very few of us pray like we should. If the truth were known, most of us would be embarrassed if others knew how little we really prayed. Sometimes our prayer life is flabby simply because we’ve not been exercising it. But I think that for many of us prayer has become a bit boring and predictable.

Prayer becomes smaller and can become more like a task rather than life itself. When that happens prayer can become a duty that we can never totally fulfill.

The call of the Bible is not a call to more prayer, but to a life of prayer. Paul calls it “unceasing prayer” in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Jesus refers to prayer as a life of “abiding” in John 15:7. The Psalms are the only prayer guide that enlarges prayer so much that everything else is pulled into it. Prayer becomes the great conversation. Nothing is too large or too small to be prayed.

God bless you,


Tuesday 8th of August 2017

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