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Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways for His glory.
At first it may seem that that statement isn’t quite right and you may not believe it. After all aren’t only “super Christians” used by God?” You may be thinking, “I’m just me what can God do with me?” Well, the disciples were uneducated and had no formal theological training before they met Jesus. They walked with Jesus for three years, day and night, watching Him perform miracles and hearing Him teach them personally and as He taught others. Do you think that Jesus is concerned about degrees etc? Getting degrees are great, but getting degrees is not the ultimate thing unless they are used for His glory. God took a shepherd boy and made Him King of Israel. God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways.
You may think, “I’m totally unworthy to be used by God.” The very fact that you think that you are “totally unworthy” means you are in fact ready to be used by God. Saying “you are totally unworthy” shows that you align yourself with Isaiah who humbled himself before God in Isaiah 6 when he says that ‘he was a man of unclean lips.’ 
Look at the Apostle Peter. Jesus told Peter that he would deny Him three times. Peter’s response was he would not deny Him. Well, Peter did deny Jesus, three times and Jesus saw it. Imagine that you are the Apostle Peter and you deny Jesus three times. You would feel devastated. You say, “I’m such a failure that God can never use me” but that isn’t true. He turns what was meant for bad and uses it to testify to His grace. You say that you are a failure and yet God says because of the finished work of Christ you are victorious. The Apostle Peter went on to be mightily used of God. God uses ordinary people for His glory.
Think of your favourite Bible character. Before they were “well-known” they were unknown. The Lord takes nobodies and makes them somebody all by His grace. 
You may not have many gifts, talents or abilities but every single Christian can be mightily used by God. Charles Spurgeon was converted to the Gospel under the preaching of a lay preacher. Martin Luther was convicted of his sin and came to saving faith after studying the books of Psalms and Romans.
Your story may be completely different than that, but whatever gift, talent, or ability God has given you—use it for His glory. Whatever influence, whether great or small, use it for His glory. God may not give you a great deal of influence and that is okay. Focus not on the breadth of your ministry but on the depth of your ministry from God’s Word. Remember, it is not the most able who are blessed in their ministry, it is the most holy.
God bless you, 

Wednesday 13th of September 2017

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