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Now Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray...”

Jesus's life was busy, very busy, preaching, performing great miracles and healing people from sickness and death, He was constantly in demand, followed wherever He went, and yet He always took time out to pray, sometimes with others but more often by Himself. I like the fact that even though life was busy He still knew that He needed time away from the crowds, to commune with His Father in heaven. It obviously made His disciples think as well. We see in chapter 11:1 of the gospel of Luke that He had been praying in a 'certain place' and one of His disciples asked the question, 'Lord teach us to pray...'

Number four in our Vision Statement, Healthy Church Growing Church talks about the need for constant prayer, if we want to be known as a 'House of Prayer' then we need to learn from Jesus through His Holy Spirit.

On Sunday mornings for the next few weeks we will be doing a series on prayer, this will also run alongside our Home Groups as we study a series on prayer by Jim Cymbala called 'When God’s People Pray'.

My heart is that when we come before Jesus and ask Him like the disciples 'Lord teach us to pray' He will show us how, and through our prayers He will do wonderful and miraculous things in our lives and the lives of our community. But it's not just about our prayer meetings when we meet up together to pray, but also about when we take time out of our days to spend some quiet time with Jesus and thank Him for what He's doing in us and through us. To spend time one on one with our Heavenly Father is a must, I treasure the times that I can spend by myself just me and Him where I can read His Word and pray that ' His will be done'.

'Father teach us to pray and what to pray for, teach us to pray without ceasing. As we get down on our knees to petition you, may your will, your good and perfect will be done through your people.'

Sunday 1st of March 2015

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