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Divine Appointments

How often do we experience delays, changes of plans, and redirections and treat them as intrusions? It could be that God is detouring us so we can do something different or new for Him. Think about Paul’s trip to Philippi in Acts 16. He had gone to Macedonia because of a God-directed vision v 9-10. How could he know that he would end up in prison there? But even that trip to jail was God-led, because He used Paul to bring salvation to a jailer and his family v.25-34. God can use inconveniences in our lives if we look at them as divine appointments.

Just the other day, I was stopped on my way to an appointment by a young Chinese girl doing a study on Lake Windermere. She asked me if I could answer a few questions for her. I really didn’t want to stop, but felt I should, one of the first questions she asked was, ‘what is your job?’ There you go!  I was able to tell her and share my faith for a few minutes. She asked a few more questions regarding her study and then went on her way. My prayer for that young lady is that what I was able to say to her will start her thinking and in the future, perhaps at university will take up the baton. I really hadn’t wanted to chat with her but God used the inconvenience.

At last night’s prayer meeting we all heard testimony about divine appointments. Church family spoke about meetings with people, in supermarkets, on the way to work, on the way to the baptism service, even on the telephone. Each person testified to the goodness of the Lord in what had happened, how they were able to testify about the Lord, how they were able to offer someone prayer. Amazing divine appointments!

We never know at the start of the day who the Lord is going to put in our path, but thank God He knows! Be alert, be listening to ‘…that still small voice.’ There is someone who you will be in contact with today who needs to hear from Jesus. Be His mouthpiece today and see what God can do!


Father, I ask that you would use me today, to speak to others about who you are in my life. That you are my Saviour, Healer and Baptiser. Show me someone to speak words of encouragement and love into their life. Give me the courage to be a mouthpiece for the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Give me a divine appointment so I can be used for your glory.


Friday 28th of August 2015

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