Power of Prayer at Lakes Christian Centre

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Power of Prayer

Power of prayerDoes prayer really work? Does God hear our prayers?

We believe so and we believe prayer is powerful. We love praying for people and we love seeing God breakthrough into people’s lives in amazing and miraculous ways. Here are a few stories of lives changed by the power of prayer.

Archie Gaskin
Archie Gaskin

Jane Smith
Jane Smith

Stuart Hamilton

Fiona ZoboleFiona Zobole

Ian Minto

Diana Berry
Diana Berry

Steve Mayor
Steve Major

Shelley Atkinson
Shelley Atkinson

Brian Clouston
Brian Clouston

Written Testimonies

Stuart's Testimony

My name is Stuart and I would like to tell you the story about how the Lord healed and protected me from being really ill.

In summer 2014 I felt really rough through the week from Monday to Thursday with aching legs and arms, keeping me awake at night. I also had some flu like symptoms like hot and cold flushes. I assumed I had flu or a viral infection and so being a man was pretty grumpy. Anyway by Friday I had no Flu symptoms but was unable to grip anything and by Saturday I couldn't even open a car door with one hand or squeeze toothpaste out!!!

Now for those of you who don't know me. I'm a climbing instructor by profession and normally have a particularly strong grip. So this was pretty unusual. So on the Sat eve after chatting to a doctor friend I went to the hospital and they referred me to the AMU unit at Lancaster, with suspected Guillain-Barré syndrome. This is a post viral syndrome that puts you in hospital for about 8 weeks and is pretty serious and can result in being in a wheel chair if not treated or if the treatment is not successful. So at 4am on bank holiday I had a lumber puncture to test for this.

I remember praying, well Lord I'm in your hands whatever happens and however Ill I am. You have a plan and a purpose for me. If that means a grim illness and a long time in hospital, well you know what you’re doing! But if it pleases you please make me well :)

Pausing in the story. I texted Mike to ask people to pray for me. So I guess from early that Sunday morning and at the church service everyone was praying. Back to the story... So the result came back on Sunday morning that the lumber puncture results showed clear of the illness. Yahoo thank you Lord!!!

Also by about lunchtime on that Sunday I suddenly realised that I could grip again and even though I was pretty tired I could control my muscles in my hands again. I left the hospital on Monday afternoon feeling amazingly better. I took a few days off work but didn't even feel ill or run down at all.

So thank you for all your prayers but most importantly I thank the Lord for being merciful and pouring out His love into my life.

I don't understand why God heals some people and not others in such a clear and instant way but what I do know is that the Lord is sovereign and all things are under His feet. We praise Him for His goodness and praise Him when it's hard too.

In the past I have been pretty fatalistic about prayer, that God will do what He does. But if Jesus spent so much of His time in prayer with His father how much more do we need to be talking and listening to our Father in heaven too.

Mike's Testimony

Hi there everybody,

I want to share about my healing when we visited yourselves in June 2014.

I’ve suffered eczema since my youth, minor bouts, a bit of cream and away we go. Probably three times I have got it infected where you scratch the skin causing infection that then spreads throughout the skin via the blood system. Makes you totally on edge unable to sleep properly scratching in sleep, etc.

January 2014 the eczema flared up, started to spread and along the way got infected. Numerous visits to the Doctor/Nurse where different creams, antibiotics and anti-histamine tablets just bounced off it. There was slight remission but it reappeared after a few days more aggressively each time.

When we visited the Lakes in late June I was on another course of antibiotics which were proving reasonably ineffective! As we walked passed Lakes Christian Centre we did a quick loop of the building and thought it looked quite cool so we decided unusually for holidays we would pop in and see what it was like on Sunday morning.

Sunday arrived and we popped in. Clearly in the worship and word the Lord was in the house, the spirit of God moved lived and breathed in the people. At some stage Steve got up and shared that he had been healed from a back issue releasing a nerve so he could now feel the front of his shin so I thought I’m asking for prayer for healing of this eczema!

At the end of the service I saw Steve praying for someone; game on. I approached Steve and asked for prayer. Prayer done and off we went. The itching ceased almost immediately; the redness associated with infection faded rapidly. The morning after it had gone, the infection had gone.

Today as I type the chronic condition of eczema is receding and for several weeks my skin appears normal.

I am the Lord that heals.

This walk is a walk of faith, nothing more nothing less. The Lord has blessed my family and we have been prosperous. The so called credit crunch took its toll on us but we always had what we needed to get through. Accompanied by this miracle the Lord has clearly shown me that to be successful in this life according to the will of the Lord then you walk by faith, a walk of obedience to faith. He, the living God is our resource in all things nothing comes our way that he cannot handle it was all finished at the cross and by faith with have access to that grace, his unmerited favour.

The Lord Bless you,

Ian's Testimony

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Scotland, in June 2012, I set off on a Mountain Bike ride with my son Nathan, my great friend Colin, and two of his kids; Rebekah and Joe.

We were only a few miles into the ride when I misjudged a relatively modest descent and found myself flying through the air, upside down, with nothing but a large rock to ‘cushion’ the impact. A few hours later I was in hospital with several complex fractures to my pelvis.

The prognosis was not good and because of the complexity of the breaks the decision was made to treat the injury ‘conservatively’ i.e. without opening me up and pinning bits back together. This meant I’d be off my feet for very a long time.

The following month I went with the youth to an annual Christian event called Soul Survivor. Most of our young people seemed keen to push me around in my wheelchair, and I was happy enough to be transported to and from the main events.

On the last evening, towards the end of the meeting, the focus shifted to prayer and specifically for the young people to be praying for us oldies! The youth at LCC don’t need much encouragement, and a bunch of them immediately started praying for me. When they finished praying I thanked them and I was sure these prayers would play a part in speeding up the recovery, no doubt about that. I didn’t expect what happened next. As I sat there during the closing worship time I got the urge to stand up. I then got the urge to take a step forward, and I carried on walking – much to the bemusement (and tears) of those around me.

Up to this point I had been in pain trying to stand without crutches. After the meeting I walked back to the tent, and I didn’t need my wheel chair or crutches again. In fact, the following day I was loading these things, plus tables and chairs, into the trailer as we packed up to head back to Windermere. 

Manuel's Testimony

The 20th of December 2012 was a pretty average day and I remember going to bed with a slight bladder irritation that I thought would clear in a day or two. I remember getting up in the middle of the night to use the toilet and that was the last memory I had for about 3 days.

In the early hours of Friday morning I developed septicaemia and desperately needed the help of the ambulance services.

I was rushed into hospital where the teams of doctors and nurses tried to find out what was going on.

The prayer requests went out from Lakes Christian Centre and a number of other churches in the UK and in LA, using text and social media sites. 

After resuscitation the hospital had put me into an induced coma to protect my organs and prevent failure. After doing a full body scan the only thing that they could see was a large mass in my bladder. This was drained and produced 4.5litres of liquid. It was assumed at this time there would be a cancer in the bladder and my survival would be affected by kidney failure and even brain damage.

After about 3 days I awoke from the coma in intensive care with no pain or memory of how I got there. The nurses wanted to give me pain relief but I had no need for it, I felt so peaceful. I also noticed that my abdomen had shrunk and was no longer swollen, which I had assumed was a feature of getting older.

I was home from intensive care after a day and further tests had shown that what was seen as bladder cancer mass on the scan was just a haemorrhaged surface only.

I am very grateful to the Lord and also for all the prayer and support of the medical teams. I now have a healthy life, apart from self catheterising due to failing bladder muscles.


Dyan's Testimony

“Your Kingdom come, your will be done!” How many times have these words been repeated in our lives? One week I learnt the awesome meaning of this seemingly small, short statement. A two part, two fold expression of surrender and love. Receiving gifts from God and surrendering, what a combo!

God constantly reminds us of his plans and presence in our lives in so many different, personal ways and each of us has our own personal story to share. I recently experienced first-hand the reality of God’s care and interest in me.

Romans 12:12 clearly instructs our attitude “be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer”.

I was facing an inevitable surgical procedure on my jaw. I had deferred, procrastinated and obstructed all attempts of persuasion by my dentist to carry out this treatment. Finally, after experiencing some discomfort and an inflammatory response to the underlying problem, I gave in and said “OK!”

At the time I considered I was only relenting to my dentist’s demands. Then I began to realise I hadn’t done anything sooner because I was too afraid to. So, I prayed. Fervently for courage and care. Earnestly for faithfulness not fear.

Of course, God keeps his promises and his response was swift and dramatic.

Now I am celebrating the miracle of surgery and medicine and acknowledge the healing and recovery that I am experiencing. Thank you to our Father!

I was told at the start, it would be a three step procedure, accompanied by swelling, bruising and discomfort. One procedure later – without swelling or bruising and only some discomfort, I am happy to rejoice and be thankful.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life”. Rejoicing in prayer and thanksgiving; not just a choice for crises, a way to live. When we practice this, we will become equipped for life. Alleluia!

Sarah's Testimony

Hi, I’m Sarah and this is my story of God’s grace and provision through answer to prayer.

About October 2014, I felt I needed to do something different, not knowing what form that would come in I left it to The Lord to let me know in His time.

On Monday evenings I went to Bible night school at Capernwray near Carnforth and I often saw the students going to their lectures. I loved the night school teaching and the place was amazing - my heart started beating each Monday and I knew what it was I wanted to do... I wanted to be a full time student at Capernwray!

I remember praying - Lord if this is right let it happen, because with my own fears, finances, academic capability there was no way, so this had to be The Lord!

Spring school started in April 2015 for 2 months and before I handed in the application form I just knew it was right and that he would supply the funds because of the excitement and peace I felt.

I’m a person who hardly applies for anything, can be fearful of change and sometimes think 'I can’t do that'! So for me to peacefully apply a few months before the course started was very much a 'With God, All things are possible' moment!

As I sent off the application I prayed about finances, my work situation and if it’s right that it would all go ahead.

Glory to God – my workplace was great and I got my same position back when I returned, someone looked after my flat and the finances were graciously given by friends and family. All set to go!!

Weeks before I couldn’t wait and was so excited (again this is not like me, normally I would be nervous)! 

The course was amazing, challenging, crazy, busy and fun all at the same time, what with all the lectures, meeting new people, assignments, tests and even dodge ball thrown in there alongside more revelation of God’s Word.

Through prayers I know I was getting from my church family I passed the course and with help from other students I passed all my assignments and tests!

Thankyou Lord for answered prayer! ...Praying what will be next!

Shirley's Testimony

As I was preparing the communion early one Sunday morning my mobile rang. It was Rebecca our daughter. She said something really strange happened to her in Tesco, a man came up to her and said that he knew someone that was healed of multiple sclerosis through prayer. He gave her a leaflet and told her to read it. She said she had never seen him before and he didn't know who she was or that her Mum had ms. I was excited, I'd said you know that I do go out for prayer for healing at church so I'm hoping she will pray now too. What a witness. 

Even more... A gentleman (visitor) got up after I'd shared this at the beginning of the service and it turned out that he was the man that had spoken to her. He shared about this person who was healed and gave me great encouragement as I believe implicitly that I will be healed and that God will receive all the glory. Thanking the gentleman Alec for doing what the Lord prompted him to do. I've told a lot about this including my ms nurse... looking forward to the day I can say 'it's gone'. 

What an amazing God we serve.