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Women's Ministry

herstoryarise.jpgWelcome to Women’s Ministry here at Lakes Christian Centre.

This is headed up by Shelley Atkinson. Shelley is passionate about prayer and gathering women together under one banner: seeking Christ and knowing who we are in Him. This endeavours to help women build each other up in faith, let go of the past and enjoy their freedom in Christ.

Prayer Time

Women of the church - what is God asking of you? Come and join us on Tuesday mornings at 10.30am at church, where there is a short time of dedicated prayer with regards to outreach in our community, and where we as women can be a part of that. How does God want us to reach our non-Christian friends and relatives through a church outreach event? Let’s pray, and see what God can do!

oneanother1.jpgOne Another

Maggie Rice currently organises a group for the ladies called ‘One Another’ to reflect the Biblical teaching that we should love, pray for, care for, build up and encourage ‘one another’ as well as sharing one another’s burdens. We usually meet on Wednesdays through the day, with occasional events at other times. Each week is different – chatting, praying, studying, eating, reading, ‘crafting’, discussing, maybe even walking, cruising or shopping – but the aim is always to get to know ‘one another’ better, share our daily walk with Jesus with ‘one another’ and enjoy our time with ‘one another’. Please speak with Maggie or email the Office for more details. 

Other Events

We have held various events over the years. ‘Her Story’ is a relaxed evening of fellowship, good food and listening to someone share Her Story of a life with Christ. 'Illuminate' is a mini conference involving worship, prayer, fellowship, refreshments and an encouraging message. We also give a big thanks to Diane Comer from Oregon who came to share her inspirational testimony with us one evening.




You are welcome to watch this video to discover more about the heart and vision of the Women's Ministry.