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F3 Socials

f3rounders.jpgWe love socialising as a church family so our F3 calendar is packed with fun times together!

F3 (headed up by Phil and Janette Dixon) stands for 'Fun, Family, Friends' and is all about having fun as a church family and inviting others along to join us.

Over the last few years we've enjoyed a number of activities including; rounders and chocolate fountains... team building games and smoothies... 'The Masters' with putting and pudding... a Sports Night and BBQ... 'Lakeside Larks'... the Dixon's famous crepes, whist and live music by the fire pit... a car treasure-hunt and cakes... the famous Big Quiz Night in aid of Open Doors... the Windermere Christmas Market with carol singing, gospel reading, crafts and face painting... a Post-Christmas Party... a Lakeside walk followed by campfire songs on the beach... and Boules and Soirée Francaise... just to mention a few!!

The invitation to F3 social events is open to everyone, so please know you are very welcome to join us - even if you prefer to participate in the social and food rather than the games! It's always such a blessing to get together as a church family with the wider community and have fun!

F3 SPORTS & bbq dvd highlights


Phil & Janette